Participant Options

Fleet Feet Event Management puts a priority on health and safety.  Due to the growing Coronavirus (COVID-19) threat, we will be rescheduling all of our Spring events through June. Dirty Secret Trail run has been rescheduled to September 27, 2020. In an effort to make this process as easy as possible for our participants, we have registration options available in your Race Roster dashboard.  You may log into your Race Roster dashboard at the link below.  Select the “Edit Registration” option and you will have two options to select:  You may join us at the rescheduled event or you may request a refund.

To submit your option please follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your Race Roster account here – if you do not see your Dirt Secret Trail registration please call Race Roster at +1 855-969-5515.
  2. Click “Edit registration” in the right corner of the screen
  3. Choose from the drop down options under the question “How would you like to convert your registration?”
  4. Hit SUBMIT to save

As we navigate COVID-19 on a global scale, our thoughts go out to you. This time is difficult for everyone, as we have all been directed to stay at home and wait out the Coronavirus.  Do your best to clear your head and burn off stress in the comfort of your home. Share the creative things you are doing to stay strong and healthy at home.  Please post to Facebook. Stay positive. We will get through this.  Keep an eye on Fleet Feet Instagram and Facebookthe Fleet Feet app, your email inbox, and for fitness challenges, training tips, virtual coaching, and more.  If you have questions, please email